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Köttindustrin is a small but meaty recording studio located in Finspång, Östergötland, Sweden and is run by BVR Records. The main goal of Köttindustrin is to record high quality music, preferably death metal. The studio started as a pre-production studio but has in recent time been developed into a full range capacity recording unit. 


Founded in Finspång 2012, Open Surgery dissects every corpse with their precise surgical death metal.

Featured track: "Cries of the Impaled" from the album "Post Mortem Mutilation" released on 30th of September 2016.

Open Surgery




Org. No.                        969778-5575

VAT No.                         SE969778557501


B-giro                           5105-1225

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BVR Records is a combined record label and recording studio.

Our vision is to make high quality music available to the masses.

We can offer full support in all areas ranging from recording and mixing to mastering and distribution.

Stay tuned 2017 for upcoming releases with both Open Surgery and Tungsten.


We are right now in the process of signing another band to our label. An announcement will be made once the negotiations are done!

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